Marcventures Holding Inc. (MHI)

A holding company engaged in mineral development. MHI is publicly listed at PSE under the symbol Marc


Taking Care of Nature. Trusting the Future.

Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC) holds a Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) No. 016-93-XIII covering an area of 4,799 Hectares in Surigao Del Sur, in the Municipalities of Cantilan, Carrascal, and Madrid.

MMDC produces Nickel Ores which are all exported to China.

MMDC’s main market continues to be China but recent marketing efforts may allow it to gain new buyers from Japan and other Asian countries.

To date, MMDC, has done exploration work on 1,610 hectares in the MPSA contract area and continuously seek to obtain additional Nickel properties. Entry in Nickel processing is also under consideration.

An affiliate company is currently negotiating and finanlizing an agreement with an adjacent nickel property, with supposed indications of Porphyry Copper, Gold and Nickel deposits with an area of 4,800 hectares, where MMDC may explore and do drilling with a possible option to invest and subsequently develop the property.

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We have developed programs to set the groundwork to mold our workforce's behavior, values, attitudes, perceptions, and positive commitment to safety and health in the Organization.

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Our land resource management ensures that disturbance are kept to a minimum. Mined out and other disturbed areas are immediately reconfigured and rehabilitated to blend with the surrounding landscape.

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Our Social Development Program was crafted in close partnership and consultation with the local community. Our program is focused on Infrastructure development, livelihood programs, and basic welfare, and social services.

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