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Marcventures Holdings Inc.(MHI), through its wholly owned subsidiary Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC), mines nickel ore in Cantilan, Carrascal, and Madrid in Surigao del Sur and is working to acquire a new property adjacent to its current mine. Through its other subsidiaries, Marcventures will also have access to bauxite mines in Western Samar and is well on its way to becoming the only source of aluminum ore in the Philippines.


We seek to be one of the most admired mining firms in the Philippines and one of the major players in the trade of nickel and aluminum.



Nickel is a metallic element with the chemical symbol Ni. It is highly valued for its resistance to corrosion and used as an ingredient in making various metal alloys such as stainless steel. It also has a wide variety of uses in industrial machineries and tools, making it an important internationally traded commodity. The production of nickel starts with mining it in the form of nickel ore.

Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC) extracts two types of nickel ore, limonite and saprolite, from our mines in Surigao del Sur. Both ores contain nickel (Ni) and iron (Fe). Based on the latest resource report, MMDC may extract saprolite and limonite of 8.5 million wet metric tons (wmt) and 57.9 million wmt, respectively of the Measured and Indicated Nickel Resources with an average grade of 1.50% Ni and 12.85% Fe for saprolite and 0.86% Ni and 45.27% Fe for limonite.

Nickel ore is shipped to our biggest market, China, although we also aim to start exporting to new clients in Japan and other Asian countries in the near future.



Aluminum is a widely used metallic element bearing the chemical symbol Al. It is prized for its strength despite being a low density metal, making it an important and highly in demand material in the aerospace, transportation, and construction industry. Aluminum is produced by smelting alumina, which comes from processing aluminum ore called bauxite.

Our company has just signed a merger agreement with Asia Pilot Mining Philippines Corporation and the holding company of Brightgreen Resources Corp. (BRC) Once the agreement is finalized, MHI will proceed with compliance requirements that would enable the company to extract bauxite ore in the province of Western Samar by 2018, pursuant to Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) No. 180-2002- VIII and No. 179-2002- VIII. These two MPSAs cover a combined area of 12,129 hectares and are the only bauxite mines allowed in the Philippines to date.


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