Mine, finally.

November 22,2017

Eight years into the job, it’s hard to imagine my life now without MMDC.

I grew up in Cebu, a progressive province known to all. But after obtaining my degree in Chemical Engineering, I explored career prospects in Metro Manila inspired by the belief that the city is the center of opportunities.

Prior to my joining Marcventures, I was connected with a biominerals consultancy firm and had the chance to work in Zambales and Indonesia. My appointment, however, was only project based so the lack of stability in terms of tenure compelled me to change track. Although the pay was decent, it still didn't amount to the sense of security one can get with a more steady job. I knew I had to find something I can keep, something that will last, something I can truly call mine. It was then that my journey with MMDC began.

I joined MMDC in 2010 as officer-in-charge (OIC) of the company’s assay laboratory. The assay lab is where we analyze the ore to determine and quantify the presence of nickel, iron, and other minerals in the samples.

Being the OIC was certainly not a walk in the park. I am a lady boss and I had to manage not just the laboratory but a battalion of men who need to take commands from me. That part alone was already very challenging because I thought it's always convenient for people to assume that a female leader will likely fail. I also thought then, I'm the only woman in the team, will they even take me seriously?

There were moments of self-doubt at first, but the whole process was a learning experience for me. I learned the many facets of leadership. I learned how to believe in myself; that I can do things which others may deem impossible. I learned to seize each day no matter the difficulties. And I learned how to look for an opportunity in every problem I face.

The assay lab is normally one of the most hectic departments in the mine site everyday, I had to strike a balance between being a considerate and a headstrong boss, because it's the easiest way to accomplish my duties. Sometimes, the volume of samples can become overwhelming too, and managing our overall schedule is quite a tricky part. Maintaining the quality and accuracy of the samples' grades vis a vis meeting the clients' requirements also keeps the pressure running, and sometimes, it just doesn't seem to stop. There are times when I get really exhausted, when it really gets nerve wracking, but at the end of the day, I am well aware that I must not lose my resolve. And, especially when I think about how much MMDC stays committed to its community and its people, I am reminded that my company needs nothing but my best effort and support.

The challenges continue to strengthen my character and mold me into becoming a good leader. These are things I know I owe a lot to MMDC. Our company made me a woman of subtance. I became more patient. I became more focused and more openminded. My people skills were honed better and I know this will always come in handy anywhere I go. MMDC made me more selfless knowing that hundreds or maybe even thousands of families out there depend on the benefits of mining to have food on the table, hence, I have no reason not to perform my job well. Marcventures turned me into a woman of vision, one who thinks of the bigger picture.

Apart from my professional and personal growth, perhaps the most exciting chapter in my MMDC journey thus far was when I met the love of my life, my then boyfriend, now my husband. I met him here at MMDC. Our relationship flourished until he took my hand in marriage three years ago. He is one of the best things that had ever happened to my life. It's simply amazing how I only came to MMDC to work and never have I expected that I will receive this lifetime bonus along the way.

Looking back, I realize I now have gone far from the point I started. Through MMDC's trust, help, and support, I am now officially the head of the assay department. Before, I was only another chemical engineer who hoped for more projects or contracts to survive. Now I was already able to afford a small business and some properties too. I am now able to provide adequate assistance to my loved ones and most importantly, I now have things I could finally call my own -- a stable, fulfilling career, a loving life partner, and a meaningful journey that I wouldn't have any other way.

 All these, MINE finally.

And I thank MMDC and the Lord almighty, everyday of my life.