Mendrado and Menchie: A Marcventures Story of Hope

Doting father and loving husband Mendrado C. Guiral Jr. knows the struggles of an OFW—the pain of separation, the constant anxiety every time a loved-one got sick back home.


He hopped on to different jobs after quitting his overseas job. He even tried working for some mining companies but never got a regular position.


His luck arrived when he applied as an electrician for Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC), where he became a regular employee five months into the job.


“I was ecstatic. I never quite knew what it feels to be a regular employee, to have some degree of job security. That means a lot to a family man like me,” recalls the 38-year old Mendrado.


Five years into the job at Marcventures where he earns a salary way above the region's minimum wage, Mendrado says life has never been better for him and his family of eight.


Hardships and trials are part and parcel of a family life, but Mendrado credits their comfortable living to their being a two-income family.


His wife, Menchie, is daycare worker whose monthly salary is partly subsidized by Marcventures as part of the Company's Social Development and Management Program.


The couple is also known for their resourcefulness. Aside from their individual incomes, Mendrado and Menchie maintains a piggery that provides additional returns enough for them to send the eldest of their six children to a private school.


Truly, the Guirals are an inspiration for hardworking families dreaming comfortable, happy lives where their children are enjoying the fruits of their labor.