With its social development approach anchored on the principle of sustainability, Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation strives to ensure that mining provides life not only during the course of its operations but, more importantly, long after it. As a partner of government and host communities in stimulating growth and progress, MMDC is aware that sustainable livelihood projects and activities should take a front seat in its community development programs.

Apart from establishing infrastructure to help facilitate economic activities, MMDC earmarks a huge portion of its Social Development and Management Program fund to viable community-based economic enterprises – identified through a detailed assessment of indigenous resources and appropriate technology – that will help pump prime the local economy and with the end-goal of sustaining it after the end of mine life.

Through skills training, technology transfer, and provision of machine and equipment, MMDC has been supporting various sectors in its host communities. For instance, women have ventured into coco-net processing, now widely used in public works projects and employed by MMDC for slope stabilization. Tribal folks, for their part, have been benefitting from a hog-raising project and a coffee plantation business. Farmers have been enjoying higher yields following MMDC’s provision of farm inputs such as tractor and harrow, seedlings and fertilizers, as well as zero-interest loan capital.

Below is the summary of all completed projects from 2013 to 2016:

Project Name: Commercial Center

Location: Brgy. Cabangahan

Recipient: BLGU Cabangahan

Project Name: Entrepreneurship

Location: Brgy. Bon-ot

Recipient: Bon-ot Womens Association

Project Name: Fish & Fruits Vending

Location: Brgy. Panikian

Recipient: Peoples Organization of Panikian

Project Name: Construction of Nursery Building

Location: Brgy. Bon-ot

Recipient: BLGU Bon-ot

Project Name: Purchase of Brand New Farmoal

Location: Brgy. Cabangahan

Recipient: BLGU Cabangahan

Project Name: Hog Raising

Location: Brgy. Gamuton

Recipient: Carrascal National high School

Project Name: Purchase of Rubber Trees & Banana Seedlings

Location: Brgy. Babuyan

Recipient: Farmers – Brgy. Babuyan

Project Name: Purchase of Water Pumps

Location: Brgy. Parang, Cantilan S.D.S

Recipient: BLGU Parang

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