Village Women Folk Benefit from Coconet Processing

Coconut fiber net is a natural solution for preventing soil erosion and for slope stabilization. Not only is this widely used on government's public works, but mining companies employ this cheap, biodegradable material to protect, stabilize and accentuate the environment around mining

Seeing huge economic potentials from coconet processing, Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC), has been assisting community stakeholders in Brgy.

Panikian, Carrascal, to take advantage of this growing opportunity. Marcventures has already purchased the needed equipment consisting of the decorticating machine, twinning machine and weaving machine amounting to a total of P500,000 which are now being utilized by women and stay-at- home housewives of the community.

Barangay Councilor Lucila E. Intano said owning a coconet processing equipment has long been their dream.

"I remember there were trainings on coconet production in our barangay some years back, but it really never got off the ground because we can't afford the equipment,"said Councilor Intano, who chairs the Committee on Agriculture.

The barangay official said they first got the idea of a coconet processing business during a "lakbay-aral" (study tour) at a foundation supported by Sen. Cynthia Villar. It was then that they realized how profitable the coconet livelihood was.

"Since then we got interested to do it here, especially that the product is being used by mining companies. That means we already have a ready market for it,"; she added.