Environment technologies in mine rehab, reforestation

December 5,2017

Mine rehabilitation, an important factor in environmental sustainability, involves returning the land to its natural state post operation through well-researched strategies of revegetation and regeneration of natural ecosystem.

Rehabilitation involves a comprehensive process of classifying the overburden materials, land recontouring and reforestation or revegetation.

At Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC), environmental works aimed at restoring disturbed areas are carried out progressively as soon as practicable. The objective of mine rehabilitation is to create a structurally stable landform capable of future productive use.

More importantly, Marcventures goes an extra mile by employing high-tech solutions to ensure viability and sustainability of its environmental protection and enhancement programs.


Marcventures’ Pili mined-out area recently underwent slope stabilization, benching and an ongoing installation of coconet.

MMDC’s reforestation program also aims to increase forest cover of Sipangpang mined-out area, which recently underwent resurfacing and benching. The technique uses large planting materials to hasten the re-vegetation or reforestation of the area.


MMDC’s reforestation program has three primary objectives: ecological rehabilitation of mined-out area, create livelihood projects for the community such as coffee plantation, rubber plantation, cacao plantation, bamboo plantation and others and develop the area to a productive use or an Ecopark.

The reforestation program will largely use a wide species base of indigenous trees including those that are regarded as critically endangered and vulnerable species.

Some exotics will also be included such as mangium, agoho, auricoliformis to hasten the establishment of shades in the area.

The company’s reforestation program also actively supports the Mining Forest Program (MFP) of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau and National Greening Program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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