Corporate Social Responsibility

Marcventures Holdings Inc. operates in a manner that advances sustainable development and respects human dignity. While we pursue our goals that seek to enhance shareholder value, we also strive to meet the expectations of society as regards our responsibility to improve the quality of life in our host communities and to mitigate the impact of our operations on the environment. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, our contributions to society oftentimes go way beyond compliance with government-mandated requirements on social development.


Our CSR programs focus on these three main areas::


Bringing Back Nature

We are fully aware that mining is but a temporary use of land. Thus, we subscribe to the principle that mining should not detract from the potential of the natural environment to provide benefits to future generations. We must return the land to a stable and self-sustaining condition.


Health and Safety

Marcventures seeks to minimize, if not eliminate, conditions that pose risks to health and safety at the workplace. A culture committed to continuous improvement is being nurtured so that every task has a well- defined safety system and people have the proper tools and equipment to complete their tasks safely and productively.


Improving Lives: Our Social Commitments

We continuously aim to uplift the lives of our communities' people through programs that address sustainable development issues under Health, Education, Livelihood, Public Facilities, and Socio Cultural Preservation.