Community leaders participate in SDMP StratPlan

December 12,2018

CARRASCAL, Surigao del Sur--Community stakeholders joined the strategic planning session for the five-year Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) of Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC).

Hundreds of village officials, community leaders, and members of People's Organizations (POs) helped identify priority projects, programs, and activities for MMDC's host and neighboring barangays.

SDMP supports the sustained improvement in the living standards of the communities during the course of the mining period. 

MMDC Community Relations Manager Nancy Baldoza emphasized the important role of community stakeholders in finalizing the SDMP initiatives.

"As a company concerned with the community's sustainable development, we need to get the locals on board every step of the way," Baldoza said.  "We have to empower them, and the best way is to involve them ownership during the SDMP planning.”

Facilitated by consultant Gaia South Inc., the strategic planning was conducted in nine barangays. The participants shared their inputs during the focused group discussions, and brainstorming sessions.

Barangay Chairman Mamelito Cabadunga of Panikian, one of the host barangays, expressed his satisfaction with the activity noting that they managed to lay down their priority projects for the next five years.

"Amo sab na assess an past projects nan SDMP ug basi did-on, may mao mga proposal para mapalig-on pa an implementasyon sa umaabot (we were also able to assess the past SDMP projects and based on that, we put forward proposals to strengthen the implementation of future projects)," Chairman Cabadunga said.

For the next five years, Cabadunga said the village is looking at intensifying its SDMP-funded livelihood projects, such as the installation of fish cages to benefit their fisherfolk.

"Amo jaon an isa sa amo paningkamotan kay kon may fish cages, makadugang gajod sa income nan mga mangingisda. An isa isab an ambulance para sa amo mga kritikal na pasyente na mahatod sa dagkong hospital (Fish cages can really supplement the income of our fishermen, that's one of our priorities. We also need an ambulance so that we could ferry patients in critical condition to big hospitals outside of the municipality)," he added.

Prior to the two-day strategic planning, Baldoza said Gaia South conducted a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in the host and neighboring barangays to determine the effectiveness of SDMP projects in the past. SIA results will also be shared in the SDMP cycle to ensure the success of the incoming projects.

At least 75 percent of the SDMP fund must be spent on community development programs, specifically in the areas of health, education, livelihood assistance, public facilities, and for socio-cultural promotion. The rest are allocated for mining technology and geosciences advancement programs, and on information, education and communication program.

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