Academic support programs: Helping community youths succeed

May 4,2018

In the first two photos (from the left), Jayson Ating and Edelyn Sotoniel express their gratitude to  MMDC in a recent ceremony hosted by the Company for them and their fellow scholar graduates . Third photo shows the newly built Home Economics building of Bon-ot Elementary School in Carrascal town donated by MMDC under its Social Development and Management Program.


Recognizing the role of education in uplifting lives, Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC) continues to pursue a broad range of academic support necessary for the development of skills, knowledge and character of the community's youth.

MMDC's educational assistance to different public schools in Cantilan and Carrascal towns consist of school facility improvement and construction, instructional support, mobility and other essential services.


Early this year, MMDC turned over a number of important educational support projects under its Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) for 2017.

These include a home economics building for the learners of Bon-ot Elementary School in Carrascal town; a computer room for the pupils of Gango Primary School, also in Carrascal; and a school service for the students of Cabangahan Integrated School in Cantilan.

To give both pupils and their parents a leg up from the burden of school fees, MMDC also paid for the yearly miscellaneous fees for all learners of Bayogo Elementary School (Carrascal), including the community's two daycare centers.

Daycare centers in Cantilan and Carrascal also received assistance in the areas of nutrition, instructional and infrastructure support, and even school uniforms. This shows that the company's assistance cuts across all educational spectrums.

Schools facing budgetary constraints in hiring teachers, such as Cabas-an Elementary School in Cantilan, also receive assistance in the form of subsidized allowance for volunteer teachers.


But one of the most vital components of MMDC's educational assistance can be found in its scholarship programs for poor but deserving college students, especially members of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs).

On top of the existing 85 college scholars funded under the company's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, MMDC's SDMP allocated close to a million peso for the tuition fees of 58 college students from Cantilan and Carrascal.

Overall, MMDC allocated over P3.4 million for SDMP's education component in 2017.

For 2018, the company's Community Relations department vows to maximize sustainable academic support programs that help elementary and secondary learners meet or even exceed, learning standards, and for college students to succeed in their chosen fields.

Jayson Ating expressed his thanks to MMDC for enabling him, through the Company’s scholarship program, to complete his BS Criminology degree at St. Theresa College in Tandag  City and to fulfill his family’s dream for him to complete his college education.

“Before I was granted an MMDC scholarship, my first year in college was quite challenging. I recount the days when I would only eat noodles from breakfast to dinner due to financial difficulties that just never seemed to end,” Ating recalled.  “Luckily I heard about the MMDC scholarship a year later and consequently got accepted. It was a big relief for me and my whole family.”

Edelyn Sotoniel, another MMDC scholar  who, for her part, completed BSED major in Biological Science in Surigao del Sur State University (SDSSU) Cantilan Campus said she is “inspired by MMDC’s generosity.”  She said she will “pursue teaching as a profession because I know that through this, I would be able to also contribute something to our community, especially to the youth.”

Both Ating and Sotoniel are now actively exploring the next steps towards the careers they wish to pursue. Ating will soon review for the Criminology Board examinations, while Sotoniel is already reviewing in SDSSU for the Licensure Exams for Teachers (LET).



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