Our Vision . . .

To be a firm engaged in the Responsible Management and Development of Mineral Resources, a gift from Divine Providence, always conscious to achieve a Well-maintained d Balanced Ecosystem and co-existing with our Host Communities with the over-riding objective of contributing to the Uplifting Peoples Lives and their attainment of Self-Reliance by harmonizing the Companys Goals of Profitability with the need to undertake Programs that will transform and provide the Structures to allow the Communities and its People to have Continuous and Dignified Lives and Means of Livelihood even after the Mining will have ceased.

Marc is unwavering in its belief that Mining can, and should, be done in a manner where the welfare of the surrounding Communities matters equally as much as Corporate Economic Goals, a Philosophy that is an integral part of our operations.

Our Mission . . .

The over-riding aim of Marcventures is to become one of the most admired Mining Firms. To achieve this we shall endeavor to always use the best mining practices with the sole objective of attaining constant and consistent synergy and harmony between our goals of Profitability and Continuity with the Safe-keeping of the Environment and the Well-being of our Surrounding Communities and All Other Stakeholders.

We shall:

Ensure that in our development work and operations the primary concern will always be to protect, maintain and to return our mining areas, to the greatest extent possible, to the state that GOD and Nature gave it to us and comply at all times with the guidelines and edicts of the National, Local and other Government Regulatory Agencies;

Continuously seek to integrate simultaneously with our mining activities such Plans and Programs that will provide Sustainable Livelihood, over and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements, for the People where we do mining in the Municipalities of Carrascal, Cantilan and Madrid, Surigao del Sur;

Conduct and implement, in our Mining Operations, the most optimum, efficient and compliant manner of doing our Mining Business guided by Tenets of Transparency, Ethical Practices and Best Operating Processes that will allow us to achieve Profitability and generate the Resources necessary to allow us to attain our goals for the Environment and the People living in our areas; pay our Taxes and other Contributions in accordance with mandates of both the National and Local Governments; and, obtain a reasonable return for our Shareholders.

Marcventures commits itself to all the above.